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Droomzy eye mask

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  • 100% pure mulberry silk, grade 6A, 22-Momme
  • Blocks ambient light comfortably
  • Clouds on the outside, black on the inside
  • Reusable and washable
  • Adjustable band to custom-fit your noggin
  • Free shipping and easy returns
  • Custom designed and made for comfort

Droomzy eye mask

Nice and soft! Made of 100% pure mulberry silk, grade 6A, 22-Momme

Free recycling for earplugs

We’re excited to offer a free recycling program for our earplugs. After you've worn them, send them back to us with the pre-paid shipping label, and we'll recycle 'em on our end.

We did some research, and this product may not be recyclable, otherwise in your area.

Droomzy earplugs

Made ultrasoft of slow-to-rebound foam! Check out our recycling program too

After 10 years of noise...

We've slept above boiler rooms, next to bus stops, and beside train tracks. At each noisy place, we sought out the best sleeping gear, but nothing was quite right. So we designed our own!

Droomzy sleeping gear is comfortable, effective, and affordable. Our earplugs and eye masks are also great for traveling. And when you're done with your earplugs, send 'em back to us, and we'll recycle 'em.

Let us know what you think of our products - we hope you enjoy them!